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Kir Royal
Crème de Cassis topped with Champagne
Cointreau and orange juice topped with Champagne
French 75
Calvados, lemon juice and sugar topped with Champagne
Classic Champagne Cocktail
Angostura bitter, sugar and Cognac topped with Champagne
Made with methode Traditionnelle.
Classic Martini
Vodka or gin shaken with vermouth. and lemon twist
Bloody Mary
Vodka, tomato juice, lemon juicespices, dash of port

Jameson (Irish whiskey) £5.00
The Glenlivet (Single Malt Scotch 12yo) £7.00
Glenfiddich (Single Malt Scotch 12yo) £7.50
Jack Daniel (single Malt) £5.50
Bells (scotch) £5.00

Glass of Champagne (125ml) £9.75
Gordon’s Gin and mixer ( 25ml ) £6.00
Smirnoff vodka and mixer ( 25ml ) £6.00
Campari and mixer ( 25ml ) £5.50
Kir (175ml) £6.50
Pernod (25ml) £5.50
Martini (25ml) £5.00
Tio pepe (Dry Sherry, 100ml) £5.50
Spritzer £6.00

Kronenbourg 1664 (275ml) £3.95
Peroni (330ml) £4.75
Staropramen (330ml) £4.75
La Choulette Ambree8% (330ml) £6.95
La Choulet Blonde7.5% (330ml) £6.00
Blanche de Cambrai 5% (330ml) £6.00
Cidre Breton £5.50